Lords & Company Holdings Inc


The Future of Genetics


CSE: PACR is focusing on elite genetic development, the Company maximizes the quality of its products, by keeping yields and proft margins high. PacRoots subsidizes costs with several strategic partners; Phenome One, one of the largest live genetic libraries in Canada composed of over 350+ live cultivars as well as their JV partnership with Rock Creek Farms and Speakeasy Cannabis Club which leverages existing infrastructure, equipment, and access to land on a 100 acre Hemp Project. This combination has the company positioned to be cash-flow positive within their first year of trading.

Our mission is to deliver the fnest genetics to Canadians. Preserving the excellence of our elite strains while introducing the highest quality of new strains to the public is our passion. Genetic variation and stability are the foundation that drives the decision making for our business.

Some companies may strive to be the largest cannabis grower, but we believe that the quality of the cannabis you consume is paramount.Consumers are extremely educated and mindful about the foods and drinks they intake. The demand for premium products has never been higher and PacRoots is well positioned to be a leader in the premium cannabis space.