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100-acres Hemp CBD Pilot Project 2020

Weeks after listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange, the Company was awarded an industrial hemp license by Health Canada in May 2020. This permitted Lords & Company Worldwide Holdings Inc. to cultivate, sell, possess, and process industrial hemp. Lords & Company entered into a joint venture agreement with Rock Creek to plant hemp CBD seedlings on 100-acres of prime arable land in British Columbia. Planting commenced in mid-June 2020, with approximately 130,000 premium hemp CBD plants placed systematically throughout the two 50-acre parcels.

In December of 2020, Lords Holdigs announced that its initial harvest had been a remarkable success, with a yielding a quality which was far higher than expected. The entire biomass yield of over 105 thousand pounds will be processed and sold to Speakeasy Cannabis Club (CSE: EASY).  

Lords Holdings partnership with Rock Creek and Speakeasy creates a low-cost production situation and sustainable competitive advantage while continuing to maintain healthy profit margins.

Read the Dec 17, 2020 Press Release

Going forward into 2021, the Lords Holdings & Rock Creek Farms joint venture foresees a strong planting season, seeking to build upon the lessons learned over the prior season. The Company is eager to get an early start, weather permitting, on propagation, field prep and planting. A tremendous effort has been devoted by our farmers and scientists to monitoring, testing water, soil and product, and utilizing the data to accelerate and optimize the operations strategy towards a robust 2021 outdoor project.

With the global CBD oil and CBD consumer health market set to grow to a market value of $123.2 billion by 2027. Lords Holdings is poised to benefit from the explosive growth in demand for their product.

Optimized Farming Systems
Superior genetics isn’t the only key to cultivating quality cannabis. Optimized farming systems are essential in the quest for quality product. Lords Holdings works closely with carefully selected partners to optimize cultivation through unique, proprietary methods, including the following essential aspects:

  • Nutrients are custom formulated from raw salts for specific cultivars.
  • Systematic planting of young, hardy cultivars, measuring up to 18 inches, which provides maximum opportunity for growth and resilience. 
  • Row compaction and mowing for weed control, enabling a selected harvest.
  • Complex irrigation systems with direct-nutrient and spring-water delivery to each plant site.

In addition to following a tested and refined cultivation process, the company carefully chooses its cultivation sites and focuses its operations on the best outdoor growing climates in Canada, including the South Okanagan Valley and the Fraser Valley Regional District.

Cultivation on the Golden Mile
The well-established agricultural mecca, known as the Golden Mile and now referred to as the Napa Valley of the North, the South Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is the site of Rock Creek Farms, a 100-acre premium-hemp, joint venture that Lords Holdings:

  • Salts for specific cultivars.
  • Systematic planting of young, hardy cultivars, measuring up to 18 inches, which provides maximum opportunity for growth and resilience.
  • Row compaction and mowing for weed control, enabling a selected harvest.
  • Complex irrigation systems with direct-nutrient and spring-water delivery to each plant sites.




Lords Holdings plans to submit a video evidence package of the facility build under Health Canada’s Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System, and the company expects to acquire its cultivation license in the fourth quarter of 2021.


Lake Country is a municipality located just outside of Kelowna in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. For decades, the region’s favorable growing climate has made it a hub for cannabis cultivation. As the Canadian legal cannabis industry ramps up, the Okanagan region is attracting attention from dozens of cannabis companies, including some of the industry’s biggest names. The region’s strong agricultural history has left it rich with experienced agricultural workers and an abundance of Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) property.

The Lords Holdings Farming team consists of independent west coast growers, combining talent, resources, and generations of passion for the industry. Our extensive genetics catalogue has endured thousands of hours of stress and stability tests under HID and LED lighting, as well as production in greenhouses and variable climates.

The focus of the facility will be to capitalize on a partnership with Phenome One where the Company can cycle through an elite line of more than 350 unique, high-grade cultivars to continue to meet demand for artisanal, high-end strains.

Our 100-acres hemp project is situated in Rock Creek, BC which is only 90 mines (130 kilometres) from our 20,000 square feet indoor craft cannabis facility just outside of Kelowna, BC.

The Lords Holdings corporate office in Vancouver BC, only 2 hours from our 250 acres of prestigious land in the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD), 4 hours from Kelowna and 5 hours from Rock Creek.


20,000 SQ FT facility will include approximately 7,600 SQ FT of premium flower cultivation space with a focus of cycling of our elite line. 


Given the massive genetics library, Pac Roots is well positioned to be a trailblazer in  providing industry leading strains not currently available in the regulated market.


Over 350 cultivars have been laboratory analyzed, field- tested, dating back over 30 years. From Medicinal Cannabinoid dominant plants with rare terpene cannaflavin rofiles to soaring 30%+ THC giants and west coast outdoor botrytis resistant plants to high range cold proof varieties.


Largest advantage is our low-cost production, giving the Company the ability to be extremely price competitive on the market while continuing to maintain healthy profit margins.



Lords Holdings intends to deploy a global R&D program focused on rigorously testing elite strains in various rich agricultural regions throughout the Americas, with a goal of mass selection to achieve the utmost environmental resilience while achieving notable quality and yields. From seed to software, collection data, proprietary techniques and custom nutrient formulas, Lords Holdings and Phenome will provide the specific knowledge to cultivators in different climates in order to achieve optimal yields for THC, CBD, CBG and other unique cannabinoids. R&D from global testing programs situated throughout the Americas will allow the partnership to deploy and stress test a range of suitable cultivars in the world’s lowest cost outdoor growing regions.

The company expects an industry shift in 2020 from the COVID-19 global pandemic. The ‘new normal’ will bring more focus on efficiencies and optimal yields to deliver a cost effective, high quality product to the end user

south america watercolor map

There has been much to be learnt from the inefficiencies in the cannabis industry in recent years, which have been detrimental to the credibility of the sector. Lords Holdings is well positioned to enter the scene and take advantage of the deficiencies, reinforcing the notion that genetics and flawless growing techniques are paramount to success.

Genetics and systems innovation may be the most overlooked components when comparing cannabis to other established agricultural crops. Lords Holdings plans to invest into cannabis R&D to ensure a solid foundation is built that will be used by cannabis farmers worldwide.

Through its RAD Americas Development and Innovation, Lords Holdings is focused on:

  • Deploying one of the largest live genetic libraries in Canada, diversified for high yield output and unique climates.
  • Continued stress testing for indoor, high yield, THC and medicinal genetics.
  • Continued stress testing for outdoor, high yield, THC and medicinal genetics.
  • Exotic, genetic cloning for the luxury, high margin, cannabis flower market.
  • Psychoactive/medicinal ratio testing for effect.
  • Unique Cannabinoid and terpene elevation and isolation.

Through its RAD Americas Field Testing System, the company is focused on:

  • Global testing in different microclimates to assess genetic and complete systems for optimal yields.
  • Data collection, testing and optimization to prove process for commercial implementation.
  • High quality yield testing for THC, CBD, CBG. and other unique medicinal cannabinoids.