Lords & Company Holdings Inc


Lords Holdings strategic licensing agreement with Phenome One entitles Lords Holdings and 38 million Canadians unheralded access to Canada’s largest LIVE genetic cannabis library with over 350 cultivars that have been lab tested and rigorously field-tested over 30 years.

Lords Holdings will have unlimited access to utilize any cultivars in the Phenome library with a unique
access to growing, breeding and cloning IP.

Phenome’s years of selecting only the very elite genotype and phenotype expressions ensures customers receive the highest quality cultivar possible.
From CBD dominant plants with rare terpene profiles to soaring 30%+ THC giants and west coast outdoor botrytis resistant plants to high range cold proof varieties, Pac Roots has a cultivar suited for every climate
A full-service cannabis farming company focused on elite strain selective breeding and preservation, spanning over 30 years of generational cannabis farming experience. Phenome One utilizes state of the art growing systems incorporating proprietary nutrient regimes with extensive expertise in all growing mediums


Our signature cultivar is an extremely vigorous plant with THC levels in the 27-32% range. Through PhenomeOne’s selection process and over 6 years of selective breeding, we’re able to deliver that one-in-a-million elite signature strain.


Our flagship CBD line test in the mid-twenties CBD % with a completely unique scent and flavor profile for both flower and extract. We pride ourselves on our unique CBD strains which have profiles ranging from 1:1 up to 25:1 CBD.


Focused on developing elite strains with various beneficial characteristics, the Phenome catalog consists of over 350 tested cultivars with roughly 50 in the super elite category.


To provide the utmost environmental resiliency and maximum phenotypical expression.


To provide rich full range cannabinoid cultivars.


Our strains and varieties have undergone extensive selection work in search for the optimal Phenome expression. All strains have been documented with video, photos and lab tests.
Selective breeding changes the genetic composition and allows for precise Phenome selection over time.
During our genetic selection process we may grow up to 600 plants to select one new variety.

This mass selection process allows us to carry less lines with superior genetic quality
and expression giving Phenome a competitive advantage over the competitors catalogs.


Experienced second generations farmers with more than two decades of West Coast garden expertise.