Lords & Company Holdings Inc


Lords Holdings subsidizing costs with building strategic partnerships, with existing infrastructure, equipment, and access to land as well as the acquisition of aligned brands.

Our partnerships help create a low-cost production scenarios and sustainable competitive advantage while continuing to maintain healthy profit margins.

The delivery premium products to the consumer in the most cost-effective way remains our priority.


Phenome One is a full-service cannabis farming company focused on elite strain selective breeding and preservation, spanning over 30 years of generational cannabis farming experience. Phenome One uses state of the art growing systems incorporating proprietary nutrient regimes with extensive expertise in all growing environments.

As part of the agreement, Lords Holdings Cannabis has access to Phenome One’s database of over 350 unique, live cannabis strains, which have been carefully field-tested and artificially selected over 30 years of research. Acquiring the ability to optimize the genetic makeup of its cannabis plants allows Lords Holdings Cannabis to not only develop unique strains featuring a variety of beneficial characteristics but also enhance the potency, bud quality and overall yield of its plants.

The use of artificial selection and marker-assisted breeding has enabled cannabis cultivators to optimize the size, color, smell, density, and texture of the resulting cannabis crop – thereby allowing for particular strains to be customized depending on their end-use. Whether it be proprietary high-THC strains, cannabidiol-dominant strains with rare terpene profiles, or custom strains finely tailored for medical purposes, the ability to visualize, control and potentially modify the genetic structure of their marijuana plants allow cannabis companies to maximize the quality of their products. Moreover, the use of genetic modifications has allows the company to boost the overall profitability of their businesses by enhancing plant yields – for instance, selecting genetic makeups which result in larger and more numerous buds on each plant can help Lords Holdings Cannabis ultimately grow more cannabis per grow light.


Our signature cultivar is an extremely vigorous plant with THC levels in the 27-32% range. Through Phenome One’s selection process and over 6 years of selective breeding, we’re able to deliver that one-in-a-million elite signature strain.


Our flagship CBD line test in the mid-twenties CBD % with a completely unique scent and flavor profile for both flower and extract. We pride ourselves on our unique CBD strains which have profiles ranging from 1:1 up to 25:1 CBD.

Focused on developing elite strains with various beneficial characteristics, the Phenome catalog consists of over 350 tested cultivars with roughly 50 in the super elite category.

To provide the utmost environmental resiliency and maximum phenotypical expression.


Our strains and varieties have undergone extensive selection work in search for the optimal Phenome expression. All strains have been documented with video, photos and lab tests.

Selective breeding changes the genetic composition and allows for precise Phenome selection over time.

During our genetic selection process, Phenome can grow up to 600 plants to select one new variety.

This mass selection process allows us to carry less lines with superior genetic quality and expression giving Phenome a competitive advantage over the competitors catalogs.

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. (CSE:EASY) holds a cultivation, processing and sales licence issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act. The company was started by the Geen family farming  legacy, which carries five generations of agricultural experience in the B.C. Okanagan region.

In 1995, the Geen family acquired a ranch in Rock Creek because of the area’s perfect climate and growing conditions. This region is known to many as the Napa Valley of Canada. By 2018, 290 acres of this area became known as SpeakEasy Cannabis.

The family business embraces the finest elements of a proud cannabis culture and years of agricultural expertise to do what we know best.


100-acres Hemp CBD Pilot Project 2020 A few weeks after Lords Holdings listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange in early May 2020, the Company was awarded an industrial hemp license by Health Canada. This permitted Lords Holdings to cultivate, sell, possess, and process industrial hemp. Lords Holdings entered into a joint venture agreement with Rock Creek with the intent to plant hemp CBD seedlings on 100-acres of prime arable land in British Columbia. Planting commenced in mid-June 2020, with approximately 130,000 premium hemp CBD plants placed systematically throughout the two 50-acre parcels

Lords Holdings acquired iconic Lords of Grasstown lifestyle brand that blends the legal cannabis and motorcycle cultures. Lords of Grasstown was born from the vision of Tyler Hazelwood, founder and director. Grasstown is an established freedom-focused brand rooted in the Pacific Northwest’s motorcycle culture. Through Lords of Grasstown’s strategic partnerships and alliances in the motorcycle and legal cannabis communities, the recent launch of Grasstown USA into California has been well accepted and recognized by the brand’s loyal following.

Lords Holdings and Grasstown are excited to build on the initial momentum and expand the brand and offerings though the alliances and partnerships in the region. The acquisition is undoubtedly significant in terms of broadening out Lords Holdings product portfolio, it also heralds Lords Holdings’ entry into the lucrative United States legal cannabis market.  

“This acquisition marks a major milestone for the Company with a move into the U.S. Cannabis Market, predominantly in California, with the Grasstown Brand. The team at Lords of Grasstown have done a remarkable job branding, designing, launching, and marketing Grasstown in BC and California. The alliances are real and the followers like what they see. We are thrilled to develop and expand Grasstown from Prince Rupert to San Diego. Tom and Tyler are authentic artists with a strong pedigree to prove it. We are inspired to have them as part of the team.” – Patrick Elliott, Strategic Advisor


The Lords of Grasstown brand was initially founded in 2013, designed to build upon the success of Lords of Gastown, a lifestyle and apparel brand originally founded in Canada’s Pacific Northwest and which subsequently expanded into California as of 2015. Created to fulfill a growing demand niche, the Lords of Grasstown brand started off by offering street wear apparel and related products, such as a Fight Club-inspired CBD soap line. The brand would later go on to partner with premium Canadian cannabis suppliers in a bid to introduce some of Canada’s highest testing medical cannabis strains within their product portfolio.

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